Joint Venture or Partnership? Understanding the difference

Definition of Joint Venture A business arrangement in which two or more parties come together to collaborate and undertake a particular business project or venture is called a Joint Venture. In such a business arrangement, every party involved contributes resources such as capital, specialization, technology and much more to the venture and takes part in … Read more

Contract Drafting for Non-Lawyers: Simplifying Legal Language

Contract drafting through the spheres of verbal assurances given by the parties to one another is just the rapport made in plain English which cannot be considered a legal agreement in the eyes of the law. Moreover, considering a verbal agreement, the parties’ intention to enter an agreement cannot be concluded. Whereas, contract drafting through … Read more

Decoding The Force Majeure Clause In A Business Contract

Due to the uncertainty brought on by the COVID-19 outbreak, businesses in India and throughout the world are unable to fulfil their contractual performances. Oil refineries and the airports in Delhi and Mumbai in India have cited the “Force Majeure” provision and are asking the Airport Authority of India to waive their due payments as … Read more