Decoding The Force Majeure Clause In A Business Contract

Due to the uncertainty brought on by the COVID-19 outbreak, businesses in India and throughout the world are unable to fulfil their contractual performances. Oil refineries and the airports in Delhi and Mumbai in India have cited the “Force Majeure” provision and are asking the Airport Authority of India to waive their due payments as … Read more

Exceptions that can make any contract null and void

Consider for a moment that your company has signed a poor contract. Due to their overwhelming workload, many small business owners neglect to carefully review contracts. Others discover that a persistent salesperson is pressuring or coercing them into signing a deal. In either case, the company owner feels the need to void a contract. Can … Read more

Decoding the Non-Compete Clause in an Employment Contract

Many contracts are a part of daily life in the modern era when globalisation and industrialization are at their height. Employment contracts are the most typical of these agreements. Employment terms and conditions are outlined in employment contracts. These days, the non-competition provision is one of the frequent clauses found in most employment contracts. In … Read more