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Dismissal Letter


A dismissal letter is usually issued by an employer informing the employee of the decision of the employer to terminate the employee-employer relationship pursuant to a repeated act of the employee in breach or contravention to the employment terms and company’s policies. Such letters are usually in the form of a notice informing the employee of the time period by which his employment shall be terminated, and his full and final settlement shall take place


1. What is a dismissal letter?

A termination letter is a formal notice letting an employee know they are being dismissed from their current job. This letter details the reasons for the involuntary turnover, lists the next steps for the employee to take, and explains any benefits or compensation they will receive

2. What is the difference between dismissal and termination?

Termination gives the parties the right to determine the contract at any time by giving the prescribed period of notice. Dismissal, on the other hand, is a disciplinary measure that carries no benefits.

3. What is the correct dismissal process?

  • Investigate the issues.
  • Inform the employee of the issues in writing.
  • Conduct a disciplinary hearing or meeting with the employee.
  • Inform the employee of the decision in writing.
  • Give the employee a right of appeal.