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What is

Influencer Agreement

An influencer is any person who influences or affects the purchaser’s decision of purchasing a product/service. An influencer agreement is a type of agreement that is between two parties i.e., the advertiser and the influencer. An advertiser is any person, marketer, company, campaign, or brand owner which takes the help of an influencer to promote its sale of products/ services. It is an agreement that outlines the details of your partnership with an influencer. In simple terms, an influencer agreement is a legal document that stipulates all modalities and terms of cooperation between a marketer and a content creator. 



1. How many types of influencer agreements are there? 

This influencer agreement can be of two types-

  • Short-term influencer agreement.
  • Long-term or an ongoing influencer agreement.

In a short-term influencer agreement, the parties agree to the clauses of the contract for a specified product/service and for a specific time duration while in a long-term or ongoing agreement the parties remain under the contract for a longer duration or may be permanently in some cases. This kind of agreement is more often used by big brand name owners and so their influencer remains the same for a long period.


2. Where can the influencer agreement be used?

This document can be used for a one-time campaign, where the advertiser hires the influencer to help with one specific campaign for a specific period, or for an ongoing relationship, where the influencer will promote the advertiser’s products or services over time.


3. What are the important terms to be included in an influencer agreement?

An influencer agreement must include all the terms and conditions required by each party during their professional relationship tenure. The influencer must promote the services and in return, an advertiser is bound for reasonable payment for the work of an influencer. So, an influencer agreement must include all the terms and conditions upon which both parties have agreed upon.