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Shipping Policy


A shipping policy is a concise document or webpage that outlines important information around shipping when an order is placed online. It often includes details on shipping costs and methods, delivery times, and more.

Some shipping policies are more detailed than others, but overall it should be clear, accurate, and easy to understand. Many times, additional information like a returns and exchange policy is also included, creating a comprehensive resource for customers before they purchase.  



1. What should be included in a shipping policy?

A shipping policy is a document that outlines important shipping information such as costs, methods, delivery times, and return policies. This document should be easily accessible to your customers, so it's best to dedicate a page on your website to it, and ensure that it's prominently visible.


2. Why is shipping policy important?

A well-thought-out shipping policy not only helps you proactively set the right expectations around shipping times and costs, but it also becomes an asset whenever customers come with questions about their orders.


3. Is a shipping policy required? 

A Shipping Policy is not legally required, but having one comes with a number of benefits for both you and your customers. Some benefits are that people will be more likely to shop with you if you have a clear Shipping Policy in place since there won't be any questions about your shipping timeframes or processes.