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About Our Services

Draft by an Expert is the service that is offered by the Contract Bazar wherein Contracts are drafted by the corporate law experts who undertake research with regard to business, address their queries and thereafter commence the drafting of the transaction-specific agreements.

What Are We Giving?

  • Briefing call with our expert lawyer to understand the contemplated transaction

  • A customized agreement drafted by our expert lawyers safeguarding your interest.

  • Delivery of the first draft of the agreement in three business days

  • Up to 2 amendments in the draft in case any changes need to incorporate after discussion with you

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Advantages Of Contract Draft
By An Expert

Exhaustive Agreements

These are exhaustively drafted agreements which are drafted keeping in mind the contemplated transaction, business needs, and requirements. These Agreements are specifically drafted on the basis of the brief received from the clients

Quick turn around time

The order for the drafting of any agreement/ document that you will place with us will be provided to you within 3 business days and will be uploaded on the dashboard. With reduced turn around time you will be able to execute all your negotiations in a timebound manner.


Dedicated briefing session

Our expert lawyers team will get in touch with you and schedule a dedicated briefing session with you just to understand the intricacies of the contemplated transaction between the parties and will also suggest the best possible measures to safeguard your interest.

Edit Options

The document/ agreement will be provided to you in a word format and an opportunity to make edits and amendment in the same will be provided for 2 times if the requisition is raised within 3 days from the date of delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Personalized and customized contracts are the contracts drafted from business perspective. The entire contract including the roles and responsibilities of the parties, the representation and warranties, payment obligations and other important clauses which are business specific are only added in the contracts.

These contracts are called Draft by an Expert as these are drafted by the corporate law experts who undertake research with regard to business, address their queries and thereafter commence the drafting of the agreements.

The Draft by an Expert contracts are drafted from the perspective of business and all the clauses such as roles and responsibilities, obligations, representation and warranties and other clauses of the contracts are made considering the business requirements and foreseen circumstances. On the other hand, Do it Yourself (DIY) are the contracts which are template versions and can be executed for any kind of business.
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