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Our goal is to provide legal assistance in protecting your business by securing your trademark and copyright, while guiding you through the process and ensuring your rights are safeguarded

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Copyright filing

Copyright is a type of intellectual property right that protects software programmes, musical recordings, literary works, dramatic works, motion pictures, photographs, artistic creations, etc., developed by an individual or entity using their intellect. It grants the right to its Owner to exclusively copy, reproduce, adapt, display, and perform the created work.

Trademark filing

A trademark is referred to as any symbol, phrase, word, name, design, or combination of any of the above which can and is capable to distinguish your goods or services from those of others. It creates a distinctive brand identity and brand recognition among the customers. Registering your trademark may prevent others to impersonate your mark and use it in the market.


After an application for the registration of a trademark or copyright is filed, the same is examined by the examiners and if the examiner finds any disparities, or inconsistencies in the application, the same is highlighted through a report in the form of objections from the registry. You are required to file the reply to the objections within 30 days

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Trademark/Copyright application filing/Amendment

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Trademark/Copyright Objection Reply

  • Consultation with IP Expert Lawyer
  • Filling reply to the examination report
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How does it work?

Trademark / Copyright Filing

Trademark/ Copyright registration is required to protect your rights vested in that intellectual property which is developed by you. Here's how it works in 4 easy steps:

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Advantages of Intellectual Property Registration

Exclusive rights

The intellectual property owner has the exclusive rights to use and commercially exploit their property. With this right they can put restriction on anyone are violating or attempts to violate their exclusive right. For example, if in case anyone uses a similar trademark, the Trademark owner can take legal action against such infringement and protect its trademark and goodwill generated thereunder.

Enhanced Market Value

Having registered and valid Intellectual Property in place protects the business and raises goodwill of the organization. In the long run, the goodwill will prove to be of immense value and will reap benefits at the time of seeking investments, mergers, amalgamations or any other corporate restructuring.


Protection of your IP

Intellectual Property protection gives protection to your intellectual property for a certain period of time. A trademark once applied is registered for 10 years and can be renewed thereafter for n number of times. Copyright act offers protection for the lifetime of the author and sixty years thereafter.

Brand Recognition

Customers associate a product's performance, quality, features, and other characteristics with the company that manufactures it. They use the registered trademark logo to identify the goods in general. As a result, your brand has gained recognition and market value over time. Brand recognition attracts new customers while retaining current ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Virtual Legal Counsels can assist with providing brand protection services by filing trademarks application under different classes i.e. appropriate and relevant classes, drafting and submitting reply to examination reports and also taking care of amendments, attending hearings, if any, required in the trademark application.

We are providing the service of IPR – Trademark, and Copyright Filing for all of our customers despite the fact that they are members or not.

In order to avail the service of IPR – Trademark and Copyright Filing, you can connect with the assigned VLC, we will take a short brief of your query and provide our quotation for the filing of Trademark/ Copyright application, as the case may be.
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