How to Register your startup in India

A startup is a newly formed company that is typically small and was founded by one or more people. A startup offers a novel good or service that isn’t provided in the same way elsewhere, which sets it apart from other young companies. Innovation is the operative word. The company either creates a brand-new good … Read more

Decoding The Force Majeure Clause In A Business Contract

Due to the uncertainty brought on by the COVID-19 outbreak, businesses in India and throughout the world are unable to fulfil their contractual performances. Oil refineries and the airports in Delhi and Mumbai in India have cited the “Force Majeure” provision and are asking the Airport Authority of India to waive their due payments as … Read more

Understanding Contract Administration & Its Importance in Successful Business Transactions

What is Contract Administration? Contract administration includes planning, creation and implementation of a contract by ensuring that it completes all of its specified objectives. It refers to the precise actions performed to accomplish the intended business results and manage the contract lifecycle. Contract administrators must keep open lines of communication in order to design, carry … Read more

Contract negotiation strategies essential for your business

One of the most important phases in the lifespan of a contract is negotiation. At this point, the parties engage in conversation, negotiate key provisions of the contract, and ultimately come to an agreement that will benefit both parties in their business partnership. The parties also establish their responsibilities and make plans for any risks … Read more