Ways lawful administration software overcomes matter management snags

Legal Matter Management entails overseeing all operations related to corporate legal activity. This differs from case management, which alludes to actions particular to a law firm. According to a Hobson & Company study on the ROI offered by matter management software, there are two major business problems that this kind of solution aims to solve. … Read more

How technology assists Legal and Legal Operations with going about their responsibilities better

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, as the famous science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke noted. The transformation of the legal function depends heavily on technology. However, it depends on how well Legal’s operational strategy is implemented, including how people, procedures, technology, and data will all contribute to its success. Legal functions increasingly … Read more

5 Things to consider when assessing AI contract management software

Professional practises in a number of areas are already becoming more refined thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). However, if contract intelligence engines based on a foundation of machine learning are given a nutritious diet of relevant contract data, improvements in AI can be particularly useful as they relate to contract management software systems. If you … Read more

AI has gained a foothold and is quickly growing in the legal enterprise software world. Boon or burden?

A computer system with artificial intelligence (AI) can carry out activities that typically require human intelligence. These artificial intelligence systems are frequently powered by machine learning, occasionally by deep learning, and occasionally by really dull stuff like rules. This results from learning, which is acquiring the knowledge and guidelines for using the data. It has … Read more