About Contract Bazar

Your Virtual Legal Partner to help your business grow

Who We Are?

Being in the legal industry for the last 9 years and successfully working with 2000+ clients, both in India and abroad, Advocate Prerna Oberoi is on a mission to create awareness and convenience of having business legal assistance just a call away for start-ups and MSMEs. We are focused on aiding businesses in making day-to-day business decisions with legal protection that will help in mitigating the risk of litigation in future and have a strong business foundation. In 2021, Mr Subrata Bhattacharyya joined our mission of supporting start-ups and MSMEs as our Tech Co-Founder. He is a senior executive with 19+ years of experience across industries and domains and understands the value technology adds by providing a smooth experience to the user along with maintaining confidentiality in business. He helped us with the technology we use to provide convenient and consistent solutions to businesses.

Why We Started?

It is widely seen that Lawyers are approached at the time of need as a cure, and not consulted for a precaution. Analyzing the hesitation of startups and MSMEs due to lack of standardized pricing, lack of technical skill to assess the quality of legal work along with difficulty to find the appropriate lawyer.

We initiated Contract Bazar to become your Virtual Legal Partner! To provide quick access to reliable expert corporate legal counsel at a reasonable price that shall guide and execute work, all on one platform.

Why Us?

At Contract Bazar, we offer value-for-money legal assistance. We are a team of virtual legal experts for all businesses' legal queries. We offer seamless access to simplified and quality legal services, like legal consultation, drafting, reviewing and e-sign. The SIX pillars imbibed among our team -







How We Help?

With the power of smart technology, Contract Bazar provides businesses with a platform to create, manage and e-sign contracts in one place. Our modern, streamlined, and tech-enabled approach is client-focused and has aided over 1000+ business owners. Every entrepreneur should be empowered, helping them to comprehend their legal rights and responsibilities, which is why we have a team of qualified in-house experts dedicated solely to our client’s legal business needs and provide them with strategic assistance within minutes.